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Healthy Living for All

YMCA members across the country now have a new benefit that matches their on-the-go lifestyles and puts healthy living at the center of 2021. We are thrilled to welcome you to YMCA360, a 360-degree seamless Y experience on TV and the web. 

Hundreds of on-demand exercise classes and programs for adults, seniors, kids, and families are accessible 24/7 to provide another way to engage with the Y from home. New programs and classes are added weekly so there's always something new to try. A companion mobile app and livestreaming will make its debut soon!

Whether it’s your home or ours, the Y and its state-of-the-art programs are ready to exceed your expectations.

How To Get Started:
Step 1: Visit ymca360.org and click 'Login/Sign Up'
Step 2: Enter your email address associated with your YMCA of Long Island account to get a verification code
Step 3: Enter your zip code
Step 4: Select your branch location
Step 5: Retrieve your verification code from your email and enter it.

Go ahead and give it a try! 

YMCA360 is included with full-facility memberships only. To access YMCA360, Join the Y today! 




Y360 Fitness First

Fitness First

Explore group exercise and fitness classes for all levels, from bootcamp and strength to cycle and circuits, and so much more.

Y360 Boomers and Beyond

Boomers & Beyond

Enjoy this channel for Active Older Adults, and stay healthy and connected with cardio, bootcamp, strength, circuit and stretch.

Y360 Mind & Body

Mind & Body

Take a deep breath and start your mindful journey with this collection of programs including pilates, yoga, meditation and tai chi.

Y360 basketball

Kids Family

Discover the channel built for the whole family to build confidence and creativity. There's something for every child from youth sports to the arts. Explore culinary arts to visual arts, basketball to gymnastics, and tons of kids activities in between.


What is YMCA360?

YMCA360 is an on-demand video platform for our Y community. YMCA360 offers group exercise classes, youth sports training, well-being classes and more to serve you wherever you are. Whether you are at home or on the road, take the Y with you along with a variety of classes, instructors and more from around the country.

How do I access Y360?

To log into the YMCA360.org website and TV app, you must know your email associated with your full-facility membership. You will simply click the login button, enter your email address and zip code, and select your local YMCA branch. Once you complete this step, you will receive an email with a 6 digit passcode, which you will enter to gain access.

I am not a member or my membership is on hold. Can I still access Y360?

YMCA360 is exclusively for Y members from around the country, and is included in your full-facility YMCA of Long Island membership. You will be able to login to Y360 if you are a full member and your access will be granted.  Non-members will be able to join the Y online and can then access Y360. Y360 is FREE for non-members to use from now through the end of April 2021 on a trial basis. 

If your membership is on hold or you need to upgrade your membership to a full-facility membership, please email us at Membership@ymcali.org.

If you would like to join the Y, click here to select from our full-facility membership types. 

My email isn't working to access YMCA360. What do I do?

In order to access YMCA360, you must login using the email address associated with your YMCA membership account. This is likely the email address you used when you joined the Y. You must have a full-facility membership to access YMCA360. To upgrade your membership or change your email address on file with us, please contact your local Y branch at 855-2YMCALI or email us at membership@ymcali.org

Will Virtual Y still be available to members?

Virtual Y is now YMCA360 and full members can access content 24/7 from Ys around the country. We offer a wide variety of programs and classes for adults, seniors, kids and families. The YMCA of Long Island will soon be featured on Y360 bringing your favorite instructors and fitness classes to your computer and TV screen. Y360 will soon have livestreaming classes and a companion mobile app. Stay tuned! 

What devices and platforms are supported?

YMCA360 is now available to stream on AppleTV, iPhone, Android, and iPad. We will be launching on AndroidTV and Roku very soon. To recommend a platform, please email us at info@ymca360.org

I saw a message about casting YMCA360. What does casting mean?

Casting means that you can send YMCA360 content from your phone, iPad, or tablet to your TV to watch.

Learn more about casting here:

iPhone users

Android phones


What do I need for the classes? What if I don't have home gym equipment?

For details on equipment needed, check the description of the class before you begin so you can be prepared and just hit play! 

There are many classes on YMCA360 that do not require any equipment. We encourage you to explore classes to see what will work best for you with items you have already in your home.  For small weights, try using things around your home such as canned goods. 

Remember, getting up and moving is what matter most, along with having fun. Get your heart rate up and don't stress if you aren't lifting your normal weight.

What if I cannot do some of the exercises?

You know your body best. Do what feels good to you. Please modify classes to exercise levels that work for you. That may mean limiting the number of reps or sets or skipping some of the exercises altogether. You can always work your way up to it when you have built up strength and endurance. 

How do I provide feedback on my experience?

If you enjoyed a class or would like to make suggestions on how we can improve YMCA360, please email us at info@ymca360.org