• Session A: July 1 - July 26
  • Session B: July 29 - August 23

Age - Entering 10th grade 

Program description: Our Counselor-In-Training program combines the fun of camp with leadership and on-the-job training. The CIT program in a unique opportunity for motivated young adults to develop the necessary skills to be role models for children. CITs spend part of their day enjoying a range of activities and part of their day learning about responsibility and professionalism by assisting counselors with camper activities. They also learn interviewing skills, CPR/First Aid, and guidance on how to navigate difficult social challenges of young adulthood. 

Highlights of the Counselor-In-Training Program

  • Counselor training for working with our preschool and elementary school aged kids 
  • Being mentored by role models AKA our great camp counselors 
  • Classes on First Aid, CPR, and mental health support 
  • Training on the Y’s program and mission 
  • Developing skills to prepare for college, a career, and life  

Sample weekly schedule 

  • Week 1 – The magic behind the curtain: Learning camp counselor skills 
  • Week 2 – Developing leadership skills addressing the 4 core values of the Y (caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility)
  • Week 3 – Getting ready for the college and careers with job readiness & life skills
  • Week 4 – Working with children! Being a “counselor”-in-training. 


Questions on the CIT Application

  • What skills do you expect to take away from a month long training and how will you utilize those skills outside of YMCA of Long Island?
  • What do you personally expect to contribute to YMCA of Long Island's In-Training Program?
  • What skills you have acquired (volunteering, childcare/babysitting, work) that you would bring as Counselor in Training?
  • Applying for YMCA of Long Island's Counselor In Training program does not necessarily guarantee you an invitation into the program.
  • How would you feel if you were accepted into the program without any of your friends?
  • What age group of children do you want to work with? (3-5, 5-7, 8-10)