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Please Donate Now to the YMCA of Long Island COVID-19 Response Fund. 


Emergency Child Care and YMCA Family Services

Concerns about the impact of COVID-19 underscore the vital leadership role that our Y continues to play in the welfare of our communities across our region.

In light of the state guidelines for slowing the spread of the virus, we have redeployed our wellness facilities to provide EMERGENCY CHILD CARE for the children of health care professionals, first responders, and essential workers. We are working with hospitals, medical providers, first responders, and municipalities to repurpose our staff and facilities to provide emergency child care. These care centers will follow strict guidelines, according to the New York State Department of Health.  

YMCA FAMILY SERVICES is providing counseling services for adults, children, and families in need, conducted by our licensed, expert counselors. 

We have also formed the YMCA Emergency Staff Relief Fund. This fund is intended to provide team members who have been significantly impacted with access to financial resources designated to support immediate and essential needs, primarily housing, medical, food, and transportation.

The work our Y is tackling is critical and will be an essential part of our state's response, and a pathway back to wellness.  

But we can't do it alone; we need your help.  

Your gift will help us provide:

  • Emergency Child Care Services for children of health care professionals, first responders, and essential workers
  • YMCA Family Services will provide counseling sessions for community members in need of support during this difficult time
  • Support for our dedicated staff through the YMCA Emergency Staff Relief Fund

Please DONATE NOW to the YMCA of Long Island COVID-19 Response Fund to help ensure we have the resources necessary to deliver these critically-needed services to our communities, neighbors, and lifesaving healthcare providers.





At the YMCA of Long Island, everything we do is guided by our commitment to support our community, and this is even more critical now. When you belong to the Y, you are not only a member of a health and wellness facility, you are a member of an organization dedicated to strengthening our community. 

In difficult times, the Y pivots in response to community needs, and finds ways to use our resources to offer solutions – and YOU can help.

Remaining an ACTIVE MEMBER helps support our efforts to meet the critical needs in our community during this pandemic.  We will continue to bill your monthly membership dues while our facilities are temporarily closed to help operate our emergency services.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.


Please complete this form to remain an active member while our Ys are temporarily closed.




Throughout Our Community 

We will continue to work tirelessly until this pandemic is behind us. It is our hope and plan to reopen our facilities as soon as possible so donations can continue to provide transformational programs for our community.