Giving Back

With your help, we can keep our doors open wide, and invite everyone inside.

When you give to the YMCA of Long Island, you create access to YMCA programs and services ensuring everyone in our community can learn, grow and thrive. We connect to people of all ages and backgrounds to bridge critical gaps in community needs.  We are committed to:

• Youth Development with a cradle-to-college model and including year-round care for children, quality preschool education, youth fitness, before/after school care, and teen leadership programs.

• Healthy Living including chronic disease and prevention programs and physical activities for all ages. Two cornerstone Y programs are designed to reduce the onset of type 2 diabetes and support those in cancer recovery.

• Social Responsibility is the foundation of all YMCA of Long Island efforts. We are working to address the Achievement Gap, employment for teens, Universal Pre-K and Early Care Programs ensuring future success.