One of the largest in New York State, our innovative, long-standing partnership with the Bay Shore UFSD offers Full and Half-Day Pre-Kindergarten classes for 4-year olds registered in the Bay Shore School District at no cost to participants. This statewide initiative follows the NYS educational standards and is designed as a Kindergarten Readiness Program. Lead teachers are New York State certified. Classes are held at the YMCA and select Bay Shore Elementary Schools.

The New York State Pre-Kindergarten Foundation for the Common Core was adopted and approved by the Board of Regents in January 2011. It provides a framework that focuses on the learning and development of the whole child and is organized into five developmental domains.

  • Approaches to Learning - how children become involved in learning and acquire knowledge.

  • Physical Development and Health - children's physical health and ability to engage in daily activities.
  • Social and Emotional Development - the emotional ability to form positive relationships that give meaning to children's experiences in the home, school and community.

  • Communication, Language and Literacy - children's understanding, creating and communicating meaning.

  • Cognition and Knowledge of the World - what children need to know and understand about their world and how they apply what they know.

The Bay Shore UPK Program includes:

  • Early Literacy and Emergent Reading Instruction

  • Mathematics

  • Science and Nature<

  • Creative and Performing Arts

  • Library, Media and Technology

All students must register at the Bay Shore UFSD in January for the following school year.

Monday-Friday: Half Day 9:00am-11:30 am; Full Day 9:00am-3:00pm

Extended hours available from 6:35am-8:30am and from 3:00pm-6:00pm