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Program Overview

Our Philosophy

The YMCA of Long Island does not only tackle the physical wellness but also the emotional wellness of the individual, family and community. The Y provides individualized services to anyone who has been impacted by substance use. This includes those who are struggling with their use, misuse or abuse and/or those whose lives have been affected by someone else’s use.

Reasons for Referral for an Adult

Addiction is a disease. Nonetheless, individuals are still responsible for their actions and must learn to address their problems. While there is no “cure,” treatment can and does help people regain control of their lives and escape from the downward spiral of addiction.
When someone is trying hard to hide their problem, here are some things to look for:

  • criminal justice problems

  • child welfare system involvement

  • losing a job for no apparent reason

  • changes in attitude towards work or social situations

  • changes in relationships with friends and family members

  • physical changes such as hyperactivity; sleepiness; a haggard, drawn appearance;

  • loss of appetite

  • behavioral changes, including isolation, depression; anger; sensitivity; defensiveness; aggression; spending time alone; or violence

  • serious consequences resulting from drug or alcohol abuse (blackouts, DWI)

Program Goals

  • to become clean and sober

  • to develop skills for surviving adversity, both today and down the road

  • to build the self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-control to prevent relapse

  • to teach reliance on one’s own inner resources

  • to help establish the sense of empowerment that comes with self-reliance

  • to foster feelings of being valued as a friend or group member

  • to reassure that it’s ok to get help when you need it

  • to create a strong support network

Reasons for Referral for a Youth

The stresses of the teen and young adult years can make youth especially susceptible
to drug or alcohol abuse. Signs of a possible problem include:

  • experimental or active drug or alcohol use

  • changes in attitude towards school, home or family

  • legal problems

  • changes in usual behavior and/or mood

  • changes in social relationships (i.e. “falling in with a bad crowd”)

  • behavioral changes, including depression; anger; sensitivity; defensiveness; secrecy; aggression; spending time alone; or violence

  • physical changes, including hyperactivity; sleepiness; a haggard, drawn appearance; or dramatic changes in dress

Program Goals

  • to develop skills to cope with feelings/experiences

  • to develop skills for surviving adversity, both today and down the road

  • to learn to have fun without the use of alcohol and drugs

  • to build the confidence to resist temptation and pressure

  • to develop one’s own inner strengths

  • to help establish the sense of empowerment that comes with self-reliance

  • to reassure that it’s ok to get help when you need it, at any age

  • to foster sobriety and recovery from each individual’s identified needs

  • to build a network of positive relationships, and engage in positive activities and behaviors

We draw on what works.

Because we are committed to providing the right care to the right person, our services are not based around a single treatment philosophy.  Our diverse staff includes licensed social workers, licensed mental health counselors, credentialed alcohol and substance abuse counselors, a psychiatrist, physician’s assistant, and other trained advocates.

Our Services Include:

  • Individual counseling

  • Group counseling

  • Crisis Intervention Services

  • Drug Screenings

  • Family therapy

  • Women programs

  • DWI Track for first offenders

  • Positive alternative activities

  • Stress Management and Anger Management programs

  • Referrals to alternative treatment programs

  • Intervention with the criminal justice and child welfare systems

Family Connection

Family Connection — a key component of our service — is open to the community and is a network of parents, spouses, guardians, and other family members. This group meets monthly, providing a supportive venue where family members can learn new skills for dealing with the complex issues associated with raising children, youth in today’s challenges.

At the same time, we provide support and counseling to children and youth in group settings where they can practice and succeed in communication skills, decision making skills, empowering tools, self-reflection, and so much more.

Community Education

Our Community Education program offers a variety of services, including visual displays, literature distribution, and our Speaker’s Bureau, which provides speakers for schools, community agencies, church groups, or any other interested community organizations. Presentation formats and topics can be tailored to meet the needs of any group.

Women’s Program

The YMCA offers specialized services geared toward the needs of women. This program offers women-only group counseling sessions in which participants can address concerns such as domestic violence, family or parenting issues on their own terms. In addition, the program provides childcare services for our members with children.

YMCA Family Services is branch of the YMCA of Long Island, Inc. At the Y, we work to strengthen families and communities, and through program that foster Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility.

As the social services and mental health arm of the YMCA of Long Island, YMCA Family Services delivers on this promise with comprehensive Prevention and Treatment Counseling Services that promote the emotional wellness of the individuals, families, and the community at-large. In all that we do, we meet everyone with dignity and respect, and guide every individual along that path to achieving balance and wellness in their lives.

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