The best things in life are made at YMCA Summer Camp – skills, confidence, friendships, memories, and so much more. 

When kids are out of school, they can face hurdles that prevent them from being healthy, happy, and reaching their full potential. The Y is hard at work planning to make this the best summer ever, helping to get kids moving, playing and learning, while making friendships and memories to last a lifetime. 

But we can’t do it alone! We are counting on the support of our donors, members and community to ensure that ALL kids have access to a camp experience at the Y this summer. Your gift will enable the Y to reach the kids who need us most.

Please give a gift today to help the Y send more kids to camp this summer so they can dream, discover, and grow. 

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Parent Testimonials from Camp Scholarship Recipients

*Please note that names and images have been changed to protect identities of our families.

Meet Jennifer and Pete

parent testimonial 1 for camp 2021

"My husband and I are both essential workers and have worked nonstop through this pandemic. When we learned schools were closed last year, we were struck with panic. But the YMCA was there for us when no one else was and we enrolled our kids in emergency child care. Scholarships were provided by the Y in order for them to attend. We were so relieved! They loved it and we felt good knowing they were in safe hands. However, today we continue to struggle to pay our bills and every month we fall behind. Once again, the Y has come through for us with financial assistance so we can continue sending our children to their second home at the Y. Thank you!"


Meet Janet and her daughter Ava

parent testimonial 2 for camp 2021

"Like many members of our community, I've been out of work due to the pandemic. I've also been concerned about my daughter's emotional and social development as an only child to a single mom. This is the first time in my life I've been out of work and receiving assistance and it is humbling. I am not sure I can adequately express how grateful I am to be able to send my daughter to YMCA Camp this summer thanks to a camp scholarship provided by the Y and their generous donors. I know this experience will change her forever."



Meet Annette and her son Jayson

parent testimonial 3 for camp 2021

"My son and I moved here last year because of domestic violence in our home. At this point, I cannot afford to send Jayson to camp because things are so hard on us financially. I am still not working since we moved and life has been stressful and depressing for both of us. With this camp scholarship I am looking forward to seeing Jayson make friends and get outdoors to play like a kid again. He needs happiness in his life and his happiness will be mine. Thank you for all you have done for us."



Skills, Confidence, Friendship, Memories & More!