Celebrate Halloween The Y Way

We wish all of our Y members a happy, healthy and safe Halloween! There are so many activities for kids and families to enjoy around Halloween. We’ve rounded up our top activities to share with you. 


Pumpkin Decorating

This is the season of pumpkins. Whether you enjoy carving your own Jack O'Lanterns or would rather paint or design them, pumpkin decorating is one of the most popular Halloween activities. Use crayons, markers, fabric, paint and let your imagination run wild. We found this great website with creative no-carve pumpkin ideas including scary or emoji faces, mummy pumpkins or crayon melt designs.

Halloween pumpkin decorating


Pin the Wart on the Witch

Everyone can get involved in this activity. On oversize poster paper, draw a witch’s face. Similar to the childhood game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, each child takes turns attempting to correctly place the witch’s wart. Using some playdough rolled up in a ball, the child who is the closest, gets the treat. 

Pin Wart on WItch Blog Graphic

Tales of Halloween

Choose Halloween-themed picture books for young children to spooky short stories for your tweens and teens. Spending time reading together is an enjoyable family activity. You can even make it even more spookier and read in the dark!

Reading spooky halloween stories


Make Your Own Halloween Masks

This very simple Halloween mask can be done as one activity or in parts. Using the shape of your hands traced onto thicker paper or cardboard, you will decorate this and add a popsicle stick or straw to the side as a handle. Cut out space on each of the hands for eyes and decorate the mask however you’d like. 

Make a Halloween mask


Halloween Treat Hunt

Not everyone is ready to get back to Trick or Treating to neighbor’s houses this year. If you are one of those families, how about a spooky hunt around the house for treats and prizes? Children 9 and younger will enjoy the search for goodies. To make it even spookier for older children, have the search in the dark with only the use of flashlights!

scavenger hunt halloween


Make Some Healthy Halloween Treats


Banana Ghosts and Tangerine Pumpkins
To make the banana ghosts, cut bananas in half and make some additional diagonal cuts at the bottom. Dip chocolate chip morsels into melted peanut butter or melted chocolate to stick to the banana for the eyes and mouth. To make the tangerine pumpkins, you can use any small orange or cutie fruit. Use a small piece of celery stalk as the top of the pumpkin. You can squeeze the celery stalk into the tangerine to keep it in place.  

banana ghosts and tangerine pumpkins

Green Apple Monsters

3 green apples
3 tablespoons creamy peanut butter
2 ounces of sliced cheese (cheddar or colby jack both work)
2 tablespoons of pumpkin or sunflower seeds
A package of candy eyes

green apple monsters



  • Plan your route in advance.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. 
  • Choose routes with sidewalks. 
  • Stay together as a group.
  • Choose costumes that are safe and easy to breathe.
  • Select homes carefully. Look for well-lit locations with decorations on display.
  • Stay on the steps. Kids should never enter a stranger's home.
  • Inspect all candy before it’s consumed. Children with food allergies should pay particular attention.