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Love is in the air this month!

Our February challenge focuses on the humbling journey of practicing self-love. Sharing a few moments with yourself each and every day requires dedication, patience with yourself, and self-reflection. It is through self-reflection and gratitude that we are able to grow into our best self.

This month, give yourself 5-15 minutes each day to journal.* Here are some ideas to add to your journal each day:

  • Positive accomplishments of the day

  • Things you are grateful for

  • Your strengths

  • Things you like about yourself

  • Positive affirmations you have found

Monitor Yourself!

Sometimes self-doubt or negative thoughts can begin to creep into our minds. To combat this, think about what you would say to your best friend. Use these words for self-love and get back to your positive self reflection.

Weekly Reminders

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Share Love

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*If you do not want to journal, consider still dedicating this time each day for yourself to reflect.

Good luck...we're cheering you on!