The YMCA of Long Island is committed to teaching local children life-saving water safety skills. With your help we can offer extensive swim lesson scholarships teaching critical water safety skills. YMCA Swim Lessons provide parents with a sense of security, help children overcome a fear of water, teach young people a sport that can enjoy for life, and keep Long Island’s most vulnerable children safe in and around the water.

Participation in formal swim lessons reduces the drowning risk for young children ages 1-4 by 88%. Both the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that children learn water safety and swimming skills to reduce their risk of drowning and water-related injury. Our region is particularly vulnerable to incidents of drowning as we are bordering the ocean, the sound, have local lakes, rivers, and thousands of neighborhood and backyard pools. Unfortunately, many families cannot afford to pay for swim lessons. But the YMCA of Long Island is committed to serving those who need us the most—and helping children to learn valuable water safety skills.

YMCA Swim lessons are provided to children in a safe, fun atmosphere, setting the foundation for a lifetime fitness activity and an essential life skill that saves lives. The YMCA partners with local school districts to provide essential swim lessons as well as underwriting significant financial assistance allowing local children to take lessons at the YMCA.