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YMCA camp saved the summer!  - Billy T.

Thank you to all the families who have been sharing feedback with us about their child's summer day camp experience! During these difficult times and navigating a "new normal", we are so grateful to be able to have open and honest communications with parents and kids to help bring back fun and socialization in a healthy and safe way.


Our daughter Erin had a great first day at camp! We all had some nerves dropping her off this morning but the camp team did a great job making it a fun and exciting day. I got a check-in call from Miss Val mid-morning to let me know how Erin was doing - I really appreciated that! It made me and my husband feel much more at ease knowing she was doing well. The communication and planning has been A++++; thank you for all of your efforts! We look forward to seeing photos uploaded into the dashboard this week!

- Molly and Daniel B. 

Thank you for a great first day. Addie was nervous going and came back saying she had a good time. I felt very safe sending her and was very impressed by what I saw at drop off and pick up. Thank you all so much! Addie has needed this and we appreciate all you have are doing! You all are amazing!

- Laura H.


I just wanted to give a shout out to the YMCA. It was a smooth transition into camp and it put my mind at ease knowing how well prepared and thorough the entire team was from drop off to pick up. My 8 year old son Owen expressed how much fun he had his first day, how it was nice to be around people his age again and is extremely eager to get back tomorrow.  Thank you for making all the efforts you are to bring back some normalcy to my son and all the children attending. 

- Kristin G.


I wanted to thank you for everything with camp. It has been amazing! The boys are so happy and it was exactly what they needed. I know Travis is not the most outgoing and that is something we really struggled with the past few months. He LOVES camp. He told me that he rather go to camp next week instead of hanging out with us! That is huge!

- Mara N.

I want to share that my children Robbie and Isla fully enjoyed their first day of camp yesterday. They have been attending YMCA camp for several years, and I was worried they would feel this summer was 'different' or less exciting due to the new protocols that have been implemented for everyone's safety. Happy to report that both of them came home at the end of the day on Monday very happy. Isla was especially happy to see her friend's familiar face. She said "he told me funny jokes and made me laugh". This put her at ease, and it gave me peace of mind to know that the children had fun on their first day. Thank you for organizing summer camp this year, and for ensuring that everyone is healthy and safe. My husband and I are both essential workers, so we appreciate that our children have the YMCA summer camp to look forward to!

- Claudine C.

Thank you for making an 8 year-old happy to go to camp! We were so glad that Colten enjoyed his first day at camp today. He is looking forward to going tomorrow. I can't begin to tell you how great that is!

- Tammy G.


My daughter Evelyn is 5. This is her first year going to camp. She has been in Pre-K programs since 2. She said yesterday was her best day ever! Thank you so much for taking all the precautions. You are giving my child some fun and normalcy. We can't say enough amazing things about the Y and all programs. 

- Kimberly P.

Cole was very anxious about going to camp. Very. But Miss Kelly was so great! She went out of her way to make sure he was okay during the day. And Dylan, too. He had a great day and was excited about going to camp this morning. Still anxious but looking forward to it. Thank you so much!

- Dawn G.