November Fitness Challenge rectangle

November's fitness challenge is here!  

As the leaves begin to change and fall from the trees, this guide is meant to help you focus on strength and balance. 

STAND ON 1 LEG with a chair or table close by. Challenge your balance by standing on 1 leg for 20 seconds and build yourself up to 1 minute. Once you've mastered the skill, incorporate into daily activities such as brushing your teeth. 

Take a MOVING FOR BETTER BALANCE CLASS. This is a 12-week evidence-based program designed to increase balance through 8 forms of Tai Chi. 

Join us for our drop-in TAI CHI CLASSES! Included in your membership, mastering the skills of Tai Chi is proven to increase your balance. 

WALK FROM YOUR HEEL TO TOE. Taking steps and placing focus on the entire foot will strengthen the foot itself, but will also retrain your body to securely place your foot as you walk. When you've mastered the skill, move your feet closer together for a larger challenge until you are placing one foot right in front of the other as if on a balance beam. 

STRENGTHEN YOUR LEGS. With stronger legs, if you lose your balance, you will have the strength to prevent a complete fall.

DANCE YOUR HEART AWAY! From Zumba to Ballet, dance challenges our balance and teaches us foot placement with upper body movement. Plus, it's fun!

BALANCE IS NOT ALWAYS PHYSICAL. Sometimes, it is the communication from our inner ears to our eyes, referred to as proprioception. Challenge yourself by closing your eyes or moving your head side-to-side while exercising, or balancing on one foot. Be prepared as this can be very challenging and it's best if you have something to hold nearby. 

PUSH-UPS. Hopefully you never fall, but if you do, have the upper body strength to catch yourself. In most cases, we fall in a push up position, having the ability to safely stop yourself will lower the risk of injury. If you cannot do pushups, work on building your upper body strength or modify the exercise and use the wall or knees. 

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Good luck...we're cheering you on!