Legacy gifts ensure the YMCA is here for generations to come and allows you to support your favorite Branch, or program long into the future:

  • An endowment gift will provide sustainable and reliable income for many years.
  • A bequest through your will or trust, or a beneficiary designation in your retirement plan or life insurance, will make a huge impact for future generations.
  • A Named Endowment Gift or Capital Project providing a lasting tribute to a loved one at a YMCA.
  • A Charitable Remainder Trust allowing you to leave a gift in trust to the YMCA with income returning to you throughout your lifetime.
  • Please contact Beverly Lacy 516-456-5507, beverly.lacy@ymcali.org
  • Planned giving donors are welcomed as members of the YMCA Heritage Club and invited to an annual dinner in their honor.

Before you decide on a planned gift, you should consult with a certified financial planner or tax advisor.