Dad Talking To Son
Dad Talking To Son


By Dan Weir

Senior Director, Program Development & Enrichment 

YMCA of Long Island 


I think we’ve set the bar too high for ourselves.

I’ve been working with youth forever, studied youth development, and currently raising two kids of my own right now. 

While kids need their brains to be engaged through education and enrichment, what they need from us is:

  • Do your best to be loving and sane.

Don’t take your stress out on your kid. We are all going through something now that we can’t control. Don’t transfer that frustration you are feeling to your child. Losing it and taking it out on them is what will stick with them well past this quarantine.

  • Create a routine.

Scary movies are successful because you don’t know what surprise will happen next. We don’t want a child’s life to be a scary movie. Kids need routine. Life is scary without it. The routine can be anything that works for your family. It’s all about the child knowing what to expect. Routines make kids feel safe.