Clinical Supervisor – Holtsville, NY


The Supervisor will be responsible for supervising and training the Counseling staff as well as providing individual and group psychotherapy and developing treatment plans for patients. Must be able to work evening hours.


  1. Supervision of staff, including; group and individual clinical supervision, skill building, paperwork   review and training.
  2. Crisis intervention, patient intake, and orientation.
  3. Alcoholism and substance abuse education.
  4. Individual and group psychotherapy, including involvement of family and significant others.
  5. Outreach and case finding.
  6. Development of and implementation of individualized patient and treatment plans and aftercare.
  7. Progress reviews of individualized treatment plans and revision of plans based on progress or lack thereof.
  8. Continuous evaluation of patients including evaluation as part of treatment plans and the evaluation of staff.
  9. Preparation of reports and necessary correspondence and maintenance of patient records.
  10. Discharge planning and referral procedures.
  11. Coordination of diverse activities within programs such as types of groups to be established; coordination with individual and family treatment; establishing staff supervision groups for exchange of information.
  12. Coordination and consultation with other programs and services on behalf of patients, in accordance with applicable federal and state confidentiality laws.
  13. Ability to relate effectively to diverse groups of people from all social and economic
    segments of the community.


  1. Master’s degree in Social Work.
  2. Licensed Clinical Social Worker credential.
  3. Experience in Clinical Supervision.
  4. Strong written and verbal communication and organizational skills.
  5. Personal flexibility of working hours, including evening (after 5) hours.
  6. Knowledge of alcohol and other drug use, alcohol abuse and alcoholism and their applications to alcoholism and substance abuse counseling.
  7. Knowledge of family systems theory and some skills in providing brief family therapy.
  8. Some skill in facilitating and coordinating treatment for the mentally ill.
  9. Skills in making alcoholism and substance abuse related assessments and evaluations which consider medical, psychological and social needs of patients.
  10. Knowledge of and ability to provide information and referral services that are appropriate and accessible.


For consideration, please email Cynthia Lacey, at Please include a resume and cover letter indicating your interest, qualifications, and salary requirements.